Patient and public involvement in research

Profiles - Involved for 5 – 10 years


Helena is a user-researcher. Ethnic background: White British.

Roger A

Roger is a widower who has five grown-up children. He is retired, but used to work in transport for people with special needs. Ethnic background: White English.

Dave A

Dave is married and has one grown up child. He is a retired science teacher. Ethnic background: White.


Fenella is single and works as a clinical audit assistant in a mental health NHS trust. Ethnic background: White South African


Hazel is married and has three children, aged 36, 31 and 29. She works voluntarily with a charity for children with heart conditions and their families. Ethnic background: Caucasian/European.


Brin is married with three children, aged 26, 24 and 23. He worked as a secondary school teacher and took early retirement after a stroke. Ethnic background: White/British.


Anthony is a retired teacher and education inspector. He has two children aged 43 and 41. Ethnic background: White British.


Jennifer is married and has two children, aged 38 and 36. She is a housewife. Ethnic background: Welsh/Jewish.


Andrew is retired, but he used to work as a teacher before he became assistant director of children’s services. He is married. Ethnic background: White British.


Helen lives with her partner. She previously worked as an educational researcher, but recently began working as a Patient Experience Project Lead within the NHS. Ethnic background: White British.


Peter is married. He formerly worked as a business consultant, providing training and consultancy to large technology companies.


Sharon is married and has three children, aged 13, 11 and 7. She currently works in education in a clinical research facility at a university, but previously was a research nurse. Ethnic background: White Irish.
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