Interview 03

Age at interview: 71
Age at diagnosis: 71
Brief Outline: Diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2002, followed by surgery and then chemotherapy.
Background: Clerk (production control) (retired), married, 2 children

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She wishes to thank all those who have helped her.

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She wishes to thank all those who have helped her.

Is there anything more that you'd like to add about what you've been through?

No. Only to say thank you to all those that really have helped me and... oh yes I really am so grateful to them. You know, I mean because when I went in like a year ago February, I mean I really thought perhaps that's that, that was the end then I mean I didn't know but I'd never... I mean my mum had a kidney removed you see and of course you see all those years ago she didn't get really over it. I mean she was dead within 5 weeks sort of thing but they never went into detail but there again I was only 15. You see you don't take it in then, do you.  



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