Heart attack

Profiles - Age 71-80


Retired Trauma Counsellor; married with two children aged 43 and 40. Ethnic background; white British.


Married; with grown up children and grandchildren. Retired but does gardening on a part-time basis. Ethnic background' white.


Neil is married with three adult children and grandchildren. He lives with his wife and he is a retired company director. Ethnic background' white.


Widower, has two daughters and grandchildren and all live in the same town. He and his partner live in separate homes. Until his retirement, he was a manager in an insurance company. Ethnic background' White British.


Sab is married with four grown up children and several grandchildren. He is semi-retired and works occasionally as a minibus driving assessor for his county council. Ethnic background' Asian.

Interview HA01

Sessional Carer, Social Services; Married, 3 children

Interview HA04

Retired computer manager; Married, 2 children

Interview HA07

Retired HGV Driver; Married, 3 children

Interview HA08

Retired Senior Prison Officer; Married, 2 childrenEarly medical retirement, age 50

Interview HA10

HGV driver; Married, 2 children

Interview HA12

Retired BT Manager; Married, 2 children

Interview HA19

Retired Local Government Manager; Married, 2 children

Interview HA20

Retired Local Government Officer; Married, 1 child

Interview HA21

Retired Project Director; Married, 2 children

Interview HA22

Retired Teacher; Married, 2 children

Interview HA23

Retired P.E. Teacher; Married, 2 childrenEarly medical retirement, age 56

Interview HA26

Retired Conservative Party Agent; Married, 3 children

Interview HA29

Retired Catering Manager; Married, 3 children

Interview HA30

Retired Sales Manager; Married, 2 childrenEarly medical retirement, age 58

Interview HA31

Retired Managing Director; Living with partner, 5 children

Interview HA34

Retired Training Officer; Married, 5 children

Interview HA37

Consultant Anaesthetist; Married, 3 children
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