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Gordon says the case manager assigned by the insurance company was invaluable.

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Gordon says the case manager assigned by the insurance company was invaluable.

I’ve had a very, very good case manager, [Name] who came on the scene in the June after the accident. She was exceptional, from June until she went off and have a baby this time last year. She had been exceptional and yes, it’s cost the insurers a lot of money, you know, because I was calling her every day, was talking things over with her, debating things with her, asking opinions. She may have done more than – well I think she did do a lot more of what I understand a normal case managers does, but she was exemplary and she was my rock, actually. She was my rock. For the period she as with me, she was my rock. She’s now back with me. She’s back from maternity leave and she’s now back with me. And okay, things have settled down and I won’t use her as much. But she’s the only person, I have to say, who I’ve felt that I could ring up and say what about this, what about that, and know that I would get – I would get supported or, you know, she would give me – always used to give me and sometimes used to go against me. Sometimes she said: “Gordon, it’s not – come on, it’s not quite like this. You still have this or possibly we should deal with it like this” and, you know, she – our characters complement each other. She’s very calm and she’s ex-physio, so she’s not medically, clinically trained. It’s more physio, but she has knowledge and she’s a very different character to me and there have been a lot of difficult decisions, a lot of difficult discussion, many difficult discussions that we had, particularly with Dr [Name] during the first months at [Place Name] that we had to deal with that sometimes she took on her own. She agreed it was best she take on her own. And I trusted her to take them on in the room, and I gave her the authority to take them on her own. And she would come back, deal with it, come back and tell me what she’d done. 
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