Depression and recovery in Australia

Profiles - 50-59

Ivan - Interview 01

Ivan is a retired speech pathologist who migrated to Australia from Croatia. He is divorced with two adult sons and lives with his current partner. He enjoys working part-time at a radio station, gardening and the arts, and is a Christian. Ethnic background' Croatian.

Alice - Interview 03

Alice is a qualified lawyer who works as an academic. She has five children and a close group of friends. Her main pastimes are reading and fishing. Alice is separated from her husband. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

Suzi - Interview 10

Suzi works part-time as a nurse, and lives with her dog. She is a Christian, attends church regularly, and enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym. Ethnic background' Anglo Australian.

Safra - Interview 23

Safra migrated to Australia from Malaysia twenty-five years ago leaving behind a successful career in cookery. She is divorced with three adult children. Ethnic background' Malaysian.

Kim Hai - Interview 25

Kim Hai works part-time and is married with one son. She came to Australia as a refugee. Ethnic background' Vietnamese.

Amelia - Interview 27

Amelia is an academic who is married with two adult children. Ethnic background' Australian.

Sara - Interview 28

Sara is a part-time counsellor. She is single and does not have children. Ethnic background' Australian.

Phil - Interview 37

Phil is divorced, lives alone, and works as a cleaner. He has three adult children and one grandchild. Ethnic background' Italian.

Andrew - Interview 38

Andrew is widowed, lives alone, and works as a storekeeper. He is a member of a peer support mental health group. Ethnic background' Australian.
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