Depression and recovery in Australia

Profiles - 40-49

Rosie - Interview 06

Rosie works in an administration role at a large university and lives alone. She has two sons, one of whom died a car accident in 2006. Her main interest outside of work is softball. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

Shaz - Interview 08

Shaz has an adult son and two grandchildren, whom she sees regularly as well as her mother. She lives alone, and in her spare time enjoys crochet and tapestry, gardening and music. She is currently studying millinery. Ethnic background' Australian.

Peter - Interview 18

Peter is a retired investment banker currently studying at university. He is married with three teenage children, and enjoys visiting the beach and spending time with his family. Ethnic background' Anglo Australian.

Ruth - Interview 19

Ruth has recently retired from a career as an executive assistant and is starting her own travel company. She is single and enjoys travel and sport. Ethnic background' Jewish.

Akello - Interview 26

Akello migrated to Australia in 2005. She is married with three school-aged children and works part time as a community worker and in office administration. Ethnic background' Ugandan.

Artaud - Interview 30

Artaud is a social worker and is divorced from his first wife. He is now engaged to be married to his fianc'. He has two children from his first marriage. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

Gabrielle - Interview 33

Gabrielle works as a registered nurse. She is married with one daughter. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

John - Interview 34

John is married with three children. He works part-time as an education officer. Ethnic background' Australian-Chinese.

Louise - Interview 36

Louise is separated from her husband and lives by herself. She is the full time manager of a community mental health organisation. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

Stewart - Interview 39

Stewart is a self-employed tradesperson. He is married and has two children. Ethnic background' Australian.

Debra - Interview 40

Debra is engaged to her partner, with whom she shares a home. Her two children from her first marriage live with their father. She is currently volunteering and studying part-time. Ethnic background' Anglo-Australian.

Kymberly - Interview 42

Kymberly is separated with two children, aged 14 and 8. She is qualified as a bookkeeper and personal assistant but has chosen not to work at present. Kimberly is also an artist. Ethnic background' German-Canadian.
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