Cervical Screening



Cryotherapy is used to treat abnormal cervical cells, which are also known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), by destroying the affected area so that normal cells can grow back in their place. It has a slightly lower success rate than the other treatments for abnormal cervical cells and so it is less commonly used. A biopsy (a sample of the skin) is required before cryotherapy treatment is used. Cryotherapy is usually performed in a hospital outpatient clinic, using a local anaesthetic and a cold probe is used to freeze the abnormal cells. Most women need only one session of treatment.
We were not able to interview any woman who had experience of cryotherapy treatment for abnormal cervical cells. If you have experience of this treatment and you would like us to include your story on this database, please email hergadmin@phc.ox.ac.uk for more details. Donate to healthtalk.org

Last reviewed October 2015.

Last updated February 2013.

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