Bereavement due to traumatic death


Alison Chapple

Alison Chapple is a medical sociologist. She has worked at the University of Oxford since 2000 as a Senior Research Fellow and Research Lecturer. She conducted the interviews, and did the data analysis with Sue Ziebland.

Advisory Panel

Diane Beaven 
BrakeCare Officer, Brake, The Road Safety Charity
Conchita Castro
Policy Officer, Victim and Witness Unit, Office for Criminal Justice Reform
Pam Dix
Executive Director, Disaster Action
Rose Dixon
Training and Development Officer for Support after Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM)
Kate Gillespie
Consultant Psychiatrist/Cognitive Therapist
Fiona Harrow
Head of Victim and Witness Unit, Deputy Director in the Office for Criminal Justice Reform
Keith Hawton 
Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford and Consultant Psychiatrist with Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.
Glennys Howarth
Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath.
Ian Kennedy
Det. Chief Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police
Debbie Kerslake
Chief Executive and Director of Services, Cruse Bereavement Care
Sian Rees
Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Health
David Sturgeon
Consultant Psychiatrist, UCL Counselling Service, London
Ali Warner
Coroner’s Officer and author of The Coroner's Investigators' Handbook (Editions 1 and 2)
Richard Williams
Professor of Mental Health Strategy, University of Glamorgan
Sue Ziebland
Research Director, Health Experiences Research Group, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford.
Jayne Zito
Patron, the Zito Trust

Thanks to all those who were interviewed, to those who helped us recruit participants, to our advisory panel and Rosie Nicol-Harper, Director SeeSaw, and Duncan Prime, Policy Manager, Office for Criminal Justice Reform, who helped with “topic summaries”.

Supported by:
The Department of Health

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