Antenatal Screening

Profiles - Normal results or declining screening

Interview AN24

Children' 2 (aged 3 and 18 months), Occupation' Teacher, Marital status' Divorced.

Interview AN13

Children' First baby, 7.5 months old, Occupation' Mother - charity worker, Father (age 45 at interview) - researcher for a charity, Marital status' Partnered.

Interview AN23

Children' First baby, 9 months old, Occupation' Mother - housewife, Father - racing car technician, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN27

Children' First pregnancy, interviewed when 7 months pregnant, Occupation' Mother - nursery nurse, Father - telesales worker, Marital status' Single, partnered.

Interview AN37

Children' Two (ages 2 and 1), Occupation' Mother - full-time mother, Father (age 37 at interview)- Pastor (former doctor), Marital status' Married.

Interview AN01

Children' First pregnancy, Occupation' Mother - social researcher, Father - visual effects supervisor, Marital status' Living with partner.

Interview AN11

Children' One (age 14 months), Occupation' Psychotherapist, Marital status' Single.

Interview AN05

Children' First pregnancy, Occupation' Lecturer, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN08

Children' First pregnancy, Occupation' Mother - student, Father - student, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN09

Children' One aged 20 months, pregnant with second baby, Occupation' Mother - GP, Father (aged 45 at interview) - company director, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN14

Children' pregnant with twins, Occupation' Mother - lawyer, Father - Teacher, Marital status' Living with partner.

Interview AN21

Children' First pregnancy, Occupation' Publishing editor, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN19

Children' First pregnancy, Occupation' Mother - research scientist (trained as doctor), Father - software engineer, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN34

Children' 1 (age 17 months), Occupation' Housewife/student, Marital status' Single.

Interview AN33

Children' One (aged 2), Occupation' Mother - nurse, Father - nurse, now trainee teacher, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN20

Children' Three children aged 6, 4 and 2, Occupation' Mother - self-employed artist, Father - banker, Marital status' married.

Interview AN22

Children' 4 (ages 20, 19, 6 and 4), Occupation' Mother - Vicar, Father - househusband/computer consultant, Marital status' Married.

Interview AN25

Children' 1 (age 17 months), Marital status' Married.

Interview AN26

Healthy baby born 2002, pregnant with second baby.

Interview AN28

Children' One baby, 8 months, Occupation' Mother - lecturer, Father - lecturer, Marital status' Married.
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