Sexual Health

Interview 52 - Chloe

Age at interview: 21

Brief outline: Chloe's Chlamydia test was prompted by a phone call by her ex-boyfriend telling her that he was being treated for Chlamydia and that she and her new boyfriend should go to get tested. But Chloe had the Chlamydia test and requested treatment before she got the test result. She and her boyfriend used a Chlamydia testing kit to have a second test, which came back negative for both of them.

Background: Chloe works with young people with complex and special educational needs and lives at home with her mother and younger sister. Ethnic background' mixed other.

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At age 14, Chloe was advice by her GP to use the contraceptive injection Depo Provera. At the time, she found it difficult remembering to take the oral contraceptive every day and was worried about pregnancy. She discussed it with her mother and they both agreed that the long acting reversible contraception offered her better protection. Chloe used Depo provera for about four years. During that period she didn’t experience any side-effects from it and liked the idea of not having periods. But Chloe reassess her contraception options when her sister, who had used the injection for about twelve years experienced difficulties when trying for a baby. Her sister’s experience and evidence from research about the possible link between the injection and osteoporosis made Chloe decide to stop using the injection and to explore other forms of contraception. Currently, she uses the contraceptive pill (microgynon). Three months after she stopped having the Depo Provera, her periods became regular again.

Chloe works with young people in community projects and as such she is very knowledgeable of STI’s and their prevention. So, when she was phoned by her ex-boyfriend telling her that he was being treated for Chlamydia and urging her to go for a test, Chloe was shocked. She had been on that relationship for years and both had gone for Chlamydia testing before they stopped using condoms. The worse parts of her experience were to realised that her ex had cheated on her, and having to tell her new boyfriend about it. The possibility of being infected by Chlamydia and the need to be tested left Chloe’s new boyfriend feeling angry, but things settled down after both were tested and treated for it. Chloe got tested but decided to take the treatment before she got the test result. Both Chloe and her boyfriend did a second Chlamydia test that came back negative for both of them.


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