Sexual Health

Interview 50 - Hannah

Age at interview: 18

Brief outline: For the last three years Hannah has used the combined pill and hasn't had any problems with it. Now she is considering long term contraception; the three years implant. She has discussed this with her GP and a Family Planning nurse who is a friend of the family.

Background: Full time university student, single. Her top priority at the moment is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Ethnic background' Mixed Race.

Audio & video

Hannah started using oral contraceptive; combined pill, aged 15 after discussing it with her GP. For Hannah, the benefits of using the combined pill have been the prevention of unwanted pregnancies as well as helping her regulate her periods. Hannah is now considering the use of long term contraception; the three years implant. Her main reason for wanting to change her method of contraception is a change in lifestyle. Hannah is now a university student and said her life is ‘hectic’. The university drinking culture has meant that she is consuming more alcohol than before. What worries her in particular, is that the protection of oral contraceptive may be reduce by sickness. For Hanna, the prevention of pregnancy is top of her list. Hannah thinks she has the facts about implants but would like to read more about the experiences of other women using it. One issue that she is particularly interested about is the effect of long term contraception on fertility.

Once a month, Chlamydia testing was offered in Hannah’ High School but she felt uneasy to go and have a test because everyone at school knew what was going on. Hannah’s experience of Chlamydia testing happened when she and her friends were in the park and two nurses approached them and invite them to have a test which they accepted. Equipped with their little pots, the group of girls went to the pub in the corner and then handed the sample to the nurses with a form containing their personal details. Hannah said that three weeks later she got a text informing her that she was clear and that her Chlamydia test was negative. Hannah’s attitude has always been to use condoms at the start of a relationship.


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