Seeing the GP: Advice and tips for young people

Going to the GP: advice to other young people and to parents

The people we talked to offered many different types of advice to other young people and to parents based on their experiences of health services, healthcare, and seeing the GP. Here are some of their suggestions.

Messages to young people

•    if something’s worrying you about your health, go and see the GP
•    doctors want to help and support, so don’t be put off because of fear or embarrassment
•    if it’s an ongoing problem or long-term condition, prepare before the appointment
•    don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem minor or silly
•    if you’re unhappy with a GP, see a different one or get a second opinion
•    if you’re worried about talking to the GP about something difficult, take someone you trust with you to the appointment
•    it can be hard to talk to other people about depression, including parents. It’s important to only talk about what you feel comfortable with
•    don’t be embarrassed about having mental health issues or try and hide them
•    if you have panic attacks, finding ways of distracting yourself can help
Messages to parents

•    be honest with children if they’re diagnosed with a long-term condition and need to have tests that could be painful
•    let your child see the GP on their own if they want to
•    if your child is depressed and finding it hard to talk to you about it, give them some space and they’ll talk to you when they’re ready
•    be supportive if your child has depression and ‘just accept they might not want to tell you everything’


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