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Reg - Interview 29

Age at interview: 13

Brief outline: Reg has been attending a weight management programme for young people. She thinks it's important for parents to let their kids know that it doesn't matter that they're overweight and should help them by joining in. Ethnic background: White British.

Background: See 'brief outline'.

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Reg has been attending a weight management programme for young people. Reg says she started gaining weight when she was five and was bigger than the other kids at school and couldn’t fit into the right size clothes for her age. Reg says she finds it difficult to understand why she’s overweight, because she eats vegetables and used to be quite active, going to dancing every night. She puts it down to her genes because most of the female members of her family are overweight.
Reg was seeing a dietitian who gave her meal plans and told her to exercise more, but Reg says this didn’t help so she was referred to the weight management programme. Reg says the dietitian told her that her friends were only her friends because of her size, which really upset Reg and made it hard for her to trust people.
Reg says she felt embarrassed about exercising because of how she looks and because she would always be slower than everyone else. She says things have been easier since she started secondary school because there’s more of a variety of kids there. Reg has also found it difficult at times because of the foods they have in their house for her younger brother. She feels it’s unfair that he seems to be able to eat what he wants. Sometimes, she says she gives in to temptation.
Since she’s been attending the weight management programme, she has lost weight and her body shape has changed. She says she used to be “like a big blob” but now she says other people have told her she’s starting to get more of a womanly figure – although she’s not too sure and still sees faults with her body. Ideally, Reg says she’d like to be a size 10, but she says it’s more realistic that she aims for a size 12.
Reg thinks it’s important for parents to let their kids know that it doesn’t matter that they’re overweight and should help them by joining in. She says sometimes kids and parents can feel like they’ve done something wrong.


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