Diabetes type 1

Messages to other young people with diabetes

Diagnosis and Learning about Diabetes Care

  • Keep positive, to be diagnosed with diabetes is not the end of the world.
  • At the time of diagnosis it's obviously quite a big shock and it feels like a really big change to your life, but as you get used to it you'll realise that it isn't really all that big a change.
  • Make sure you've got a good doctor. If you don't like the doctors you've got, maybe try and find another one because it is really important you have a doctor you trust.
  • If you have questions in between check-ups or problems about control and you are not quite sure how to handle it do ask for help!  
Self Managing Diabetes
  • Take control of the management of diabetes yourself as soon as you can. Once you start to manage your diabetes everything seems better because you're in control. 
  • It's absolutely valid to be upset and it's valid to want to give up. But at the same time there are so many things that you can do and there is nothing that you shouldn't try and do.
  • Always carry something sweet to drink or eat with you everywhere you go.
  • Wear your diabetic pendant when going out with friends.
  • If you go low, don't panic, just self-manage it.
  • Do regular blood glucose tests to understand how your food and insulin interacts.
  • If you have type 1 diabetes kind of symptoms ask your doctor to test your blood glucose level. 
  • Doing insulin injections is not always easy and it might take you some time to feel confident about doing it. Be patient.
  • If you find it difficult controlling your blood glucose levels you will get miserable and you will feel bad but the thing is to carry on and don't give up.
  • The biggest thing is that you have to aim for is good management of your diabetes because it is not your life and health now but in ten, twenty, or more years down the line.
  • Diabetes doesn't control your life. You have to control diabetes. It's just part of your life, it's not you. 
Others can help too!
  • If you have problems with doing the insulin injections don't give up and ask your consultant or GP for help. 
  • Tell your friends that you are diabetic and make sure that they know what to do if you have a hypo.
  • If your parents are nagging you is because they care. 
  • Try not to let diabetes affect you but if you are having problems talk to someone. Talk to your parents or one of your friends or the diabetic consultants or the nurses at the hospital. 
  • When going out socialising you can have just a good time without drinking alcohol. Ask your friends to help you not to drink that much.
  • Seek help if you start missing insulin injections or if you are making yourself sick or restricting your food intake. Don't wait until your problem gets worse. Talk to your diabetes care team and be honest with them. They can't help you unless they know what's going on.
  • If others around you don't like the fact that you've got diabetes, don't want to accept it, then they're obviously not friends and you could do better without them.
  • If anyone thinks that you're weird for having to do an injection, just ignore them.

Last reviewed December 2017.
Last updated December 2017.



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