Interview 51

Age at interview: 44

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to a clot aged 38 which caused severe aphasia and right paralysis of his leg and arm. Medication' dipyridamole (blood pressure), aspirin (antiplatelet), simvastatin (cholesterol).

Background: He is a married father with 1 child. He works as an accountant. Ethnic background/nationality' Srilankan/English.

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This man is interviewed with his wife because he has some speech problems. He had a stroke at the age of 38 he is now 44. His stroke was due to a clot in the left hand side of his brain and was due to high blood pressure that he later found out runs in his family. He now takes dipyridamole to control blood pressure, aspirin to prevent a further clot and simvastatin to reduce cholesterol.

His stroke happened when he was studying hard for professional exams and was very stressed. The first signs were loss of speech. His wife initially called a member of the family who was a doctor and he came out, however her husband recovered and it was not until later that night when it happened for a second time that he was rushed into hospital. 

The stroke caused paralysis of the right side of his body. He also suffers from severe aphasia and can only communicate with a few words of English. His mother tongue Tamil is however better preserved and he can still sing and pray.

He was in hospital for several months and was helped to get mobile again and had some speech therapy. His wife also found out about an alternative rehabilitation centre in Kerala in India which provided massage and yoga type exercise in a hospital setting. They have been twice both feel that he has made big improvements. 

He is very keen to remain independent and has refused help from carers. He does however attend a day centre one day a week. He also attends a support group for people with aphasia and finds it helpful communicate with other people with similar problems. He travels in and out of London independently which has been a huge achievement. 


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