Interview 50

Age at interview: 66

Brief outline: He had a stroke at the aged 58 due to a clot and then a second stroke 1 year later due to a haemorrhage. Medication' perindopril, bendroflumethiazide, prazosin (blood pressure), aspirin (antiplatelet), (stopped due to haemorrhage).

Background: Is divorced with 3 children. He is a retired credit controller. Ethnic background/nationality' Black/ African.

Audio & video

He had his first stroke at the age of 58 he is now 66. The first stroke was due to a clot. He had a relatively rare operation to remove the clot. This is usually only performed because the clot is blocking the flow of blood around the brain. 

At the time of his first stroke he was given aspirin to prevent further clots forming, however one year later he had a second stroke due to a haemorrhage and has stopped taking the aspirin. He takes perindopril, bendroflumethiazide and prazosin to control blood pressure. The cause of his first stroke was probably high blood pressure which he was being treated. He, however thinks that his drinking may have contributed to this. Since the stroke he has given up alcohol and tries to live a healthier lifestyle.

The strokes have caused weakness of the left side of his body. After the second stroke he was in hospital for several months and was giving help to get mobile again and perform daily task. He is now able to walk and look after himself but lives with his brother for extra support.

On his return home he had some help from occupational therapy who provided him with a bath seat and rail and took him out on the bus to help him become more confident. He has also attended a support group but mainly for the exercises. 


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