Interview 49

Age at interview: 34

Brief outline: She had a stroke due a clot caused by a hereditary clotting disorder age 29, which caused aphasia, right paralysis and epilepsy. Medication' lipitor (cholesterol), warfarin (anticoagulant), tegretol, epilim (epilepsy), baclofen (spasms in arm).

Background: Is single with no children. She is a secretary but has not worked since her stroke. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Australian/English.

Audio & video

This woman had a stroke at the age of 29 she is now 34. Prior to the stroke she was fit and healthy. Her stroke was due to a clot in the left-hand side of her brain and was caused by hereditary clotting disorders Factor V Leiden and MTHFR, it was found her parents each had one of the clotting disorders. Other members of the family have had tests since her stroke. She was taking the contraceptive pill at the time of her stroke but had to stop taking it because she is at high risk of having another stroke.

She takes warfarin to prevent another clot forming and lipitor to control cholesterol.

When she had her stroke she was unable to speak but remained conscious. Her stroke caused paralysis of her left arm and leg. She also has a speech problem known as aphasia which means she struggles to find words and find it difficult to talk in sentences, but can be understood if people are patient with her. She also finds it very difficult to read and write. 

She has had rehabilitation in hospitals in Ireland and in Australia where most her family live and can now walk short distances. Her hand and arm are still weak although she is trying to do her own exercises to improve her function. She also hopes to get some more speech therapy now she is back in the UK. 

She has not worked since the stroke but a good friend is helping her to look into schemes to get people with disabilities back into work. She is keen to try but worries that there are too many barriers to overcome. 

She has been a member of a support group for people with aphasia and finds it great to share similar experiences.


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