Interview 47

Age at interview: 59

Brief outline: Carer for mother who had a stroke at the age of 83. Her mother now suffers from vascular dementia and some visual loss. She is registered partially blind. Medication' bendrofluazide, perindopril, (blood pressure) omeprazole, (gastric resistant tablets) citalopram, (antidepressant); senna and/or movicol, (laxative) calichew (calcium/vit D3 supplement) alendronic acid, (bisphosphonate ), detrusitol, (urinary continence).

Background: Is a married mother of two children and is carer. Ethnic background/nationality' Scottish.

Audio & video

This woman's mother had a stroke at the age of 83 she is now 84. Her stroke was due to a haemorrhage. As a result of the stroke her mum now suffers from vascular dementia. Her main problems have been with poor short term memory. She has also experienced visual hallucinations for example complaining of people being in her bed at night. Her daughter also thinks that her mum's personality has changed and thinks she has become much less tolerant and more likely to snap, she has also noticed that her mum flirts more with the male nurses.

Her mum was in hospital for quite along time after the stroke and they had mixed experiences of care. Initially she was encouraged to be independent but in a third hospital she was not allowed to do anything. They have however received some good help from social services in setting up a care package and good advice from the local community rehab team which has allowed her to return to sheltered housing. 

She has a care package arranged for getting her up and dressed in the morning and putting her to bed at night. Her daughter and other siblings visit every day and provide her meals. 

They have recently had problems with her mum falling and has started to wonder if she needs to take on more of a caring role, for example staying with her overnight. Friends and family have, however, encouraged her not to as she has other commitments looking after her daughter's children and needs to look after her own well being.


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