Interview 44

Age at interview: 69

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to a clot at the age of 60 which caused left sided weakness in his leg and paralysis of his hand. His speech was also affected and he has depression. Medication' aspirin (antiplatelet) simvastatin (cholesterol) fluoxetine (depression).

Background: Is a married father with 4 adult children. He is a retired shopkeeper. Ethnic background/nationality' Pakistani/English.

Audio & video

This man had a stroke at the age 60 he is now 69. He initially noticed some weakness on his left hand side but did not do anything about it until the following day when it happened again. 

He was in hospital after his stroke and was initially put on a surgical ward which he found very frustrating as he was not getting help to get moving again. He complained and was moved to a rehabilitation ward where he got some help with getting mobile again. He can now walk with a stick but finds it difficult to get upstairs. He would have liked to have had more support with walking once he got home. He lives in a very hilly town and does not feel confident going out on his own. He has not regained any use of his hand which has made it very difficult for him.

His wife looks after him at home but her health is not very good. After a year they had a toilet and shower put in downstairs but he now attends a day centre a couple of days a week and can have a bath there.

He finds he is much more emotional these days. He has found it very difficult to come to terms with his stroke as it has changed his life so much. He feels that it is one of the worst things that can happen. He has been given medication (fluoxetine) to try and help with depression. 


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