Interview 43

Age at interview: 74

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to a haemorrhage age 70 which caused right sided weakness and problems with balance and speech. He as also had some depression and anxiety. Medication' enalapril maleate (blood pressure), furosemide (water), citalopram (depression).

Background: Is a married father with 2 adopted, adult children. He is a retired lecturer. Ethnic background/nationality' Indian/English.

Audio & video

This man had a stroke at the age of 70 he is now 74. His stroke was due to a haemorrhage on the left hand side of his brain. He had previously had diabetes and this may have contributed to his stroke. He was also taking aspirin and another similar drug for arthritis and it is possible that these two drugs interacted to cause the bleed. He also has high blood pressure and takes enalapril maleate to control it.

The first signs of his stroke were weakness on his right side and slurred speech he phoned a doctor friend who heard that his voice was affected and called an ambulance. He was in hospital for six weeks where he had physiotherapy to help him get back to walking again. He can now walk fairly confidently but uses a stick for long distances. His speech gradually improved although he feels he is no longer confident to speak in public meetings.

Since his stroke he has found that he is quite anxious about being left at home on his own and has suffered some depression for which he takes medication. He has also found that he is very tired and has had to give up some of the voluntary work he used to do. 

He has not attended a support group but feels it would be helpful if the local doctor's surgery ran some sort of support group to help with the emotional consequences of stroke. His wife and extended family have been very supportive particularly the older people in his family as he feels they have a greater understanding of illness.


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