Interview 42

Age at interview: 80

Brief outline: He had a stroke during a heart bypass aged 74 which caused right weakness & speech, memory & emotional problems. Medication' perindropril, furosemide (blood pressure) simvastatin (cholesterol), aspirin, dipyridamole (antiplatelet), dosulepin (depression).

Background: Is a married father with 1 adult child and is a retired lorry driver. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This man had his stroke at the age of 74 immediately following a triple bypass operation on his heart he is now 80. The stroke was caused by a clot that prevented the flow of blood to the left hand side of his brain. He takes aspirin and dipridamole to prevent further clots perindropril to control his blood pressure and simvastatin to reduce cholesterol.

His stroke caused weakness in his right arm and leg. He had some physiotherapy in the local cottage hospital and was able to get back to walking. He has also had problems with his speech because he had some weakness of his facial muscles. He was given speech therapy in the hospital but felt that they were not very sympathetic or patient when they could not understand him. His speech has now improved but he would have liked more help at the time.

He has noticed that he has become much more emotional since the stroke and found he cries at unusual things. He was not aware that this is a normal thing that happens to some people after a stroke.

He recently moved to a care home because he realised that his wife could no longer cope with looking after him particularly if he fell. The care home is close enough for his wife to visit and he feels that it is a good substitute for home.


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