Interview 41

Age at interview: 88

Brief outline: She had a stroke due to a clot aged 87 which caused right weakness and problems with balance and with speech and eating. Medication' atenolol, ramipril (blood pressure), lipitor (cholesterol), aspirin (antiplatelet), motilium (nausea and vertigo), omeprazole (gastric resistant tablets).

Background: Is a widow with 1 adult child and is a retired shopkeeper. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This woman had a stroke at the age of 87 she is now 88. Her stroke was caused by a clot that prevented the flow of blood to the left hand side of the brain. She now takes aspirin to prevent another clot forming; atenolol and ramipril to control blood pressure and lipitor to reduce cholesterol. 

She initially experienced some weakness of her arm and leg but has been able to walk throughout. She has, however, had ongoing problems with her balance and has recently been attending classes on how to prevent falls at the local community hospital. She also takes motilium to help with feeling of nausea and vertigo.

Her eating was also affected by the stroke because of weakness of her face and throat muscles. To start with she was on a liquidised diet and thickened drinks but this has now recovered but she still has some problems with saliva and has been given a bleeper to help remind her to swallow. Her speech was also affected by the stroke but she feels it has improved.

She was able to return home but has some carers coming in during the day to help with some of the domestic tasks like washing and preparing her meals. Despite this she likes to remain as independent as possible and makes sure that she is up and dressed every morning when the carers come in.


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