Interview 40

Age at interview: 83

Brief outline: She had a stroke due to a clot from her heart at the age of 81. The stroke caused partial paralysis of her right hand side and problems with memory. Medication' Cardicor, coversyl (blood pressure), simvastatin (cholesterol), warfarin (anticoagulation).

Background: Is a widow with 5 children and is a retired voluntary worker. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This woman had a stroke at the age of 81 she is now 83. The stroke was caused by a clot that came from her heart which was beating irregularly. She also has diabetes which is a risk factor for stroke. She takes warfarin to prevent another clot forming, Cardicor and coversyl to control blood pressure and simvastatin to lower cholesterol.

Her stroke happened at home and she was found unconscious by her neighbour. The stroke caused right partial paralysis of her leg and arm, loss of vision on the right and some loss of speech. In the hospital she had some physiotherapy and is now able to walk with the aid of a stick. She feels her hand function is not completely recovered and is wary of using that hand particularly in the kitchen. Her speech has also recovered although she notices that it is not as strong as before.

She has been able to return home. Initially her daughter came to look after her and now she has carers coming in the morning to help her bath. She also needs help in the morning to put on her support stockings to help her circulation.

She feels that the key to her recovery has been to keep trying to do things and even though she has carers she tries to keep doing things like dusting and the easy cleaning jobs. She used to read a lot but now uses recorded stories on tapes instead.


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