Interview 30

Age at interview: 54

Brief outline: She had two sub arachnoid haemorrhages (age 32 and 52). The first caused temporary left weakness and the second some memory problems and migraine. Medication. atenolol, lisinopril (blood pressure), co-codamol (migraine).

Background: Is a married mother of 2 children and is a nurse trainer. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Audio & video

This woman has had two subarachnoid haemorrhages (bleed around the surface of the brain) one when she was 32 and one when she was 52. These are sometimes described as head injuries rather than stroke. The haemorrhages were due to a defective artery and it is quite likely that the condition is in her family as she knew of other family members who have also had haemorrhages.

She had two different sorts of operation to repair the defective arteries. The first one was clipped in open surgery and the second one was repaired with a coil inserted through a catheter. The second type of operation is now more common and she thinks was preferable as the recovery time is quicker. 

She had rehabilitation after both haemorrhages to help restore her physical fitness. After the first she had some weakness in her left arm and leg. She also experienced some memory problems after both haemorrhages and has attended a memory clinic.

She recently started taking medication to control her blood pressure although it is not certain that this was the cause of the second haemorrhage.

She has got a great deal of support through 'Headway' a head injuries charity and started working as a volunteer for them. This has helped with her motivation to get back to work after the second haemorrhage.


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