Interview 29

Age at interview: 85

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to clot aged 83 which caused partial right paralysis and emotional lability. Medication' doxazosin, bendroflemethiazide, valsartan, adalat (blood pressure), simvastatin (cholesterol), aspirin, dipyridamole (antiplatelet).

Background: Is a married father of 2 children. He is a retired rail worker/retired shop assistant. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This man had a stroke at the age of 83 he is now 85. His stroke was due to a clot blocking blood to the left hand side of his brain. His stroke was caused by high blood pressure and he now takes doxazosin, bendroflemethiazide, valsartan and adalat to reduce blood pressure, simvastatin to reduce cholesterol and aspirin and dipyridamole to prevent further blood clots.

His stroke caused partial paralysis of his right leg and arm. He was very determined to recover and with the help of physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the rehabilitation unit he was able to get back to walking and using his arm and hand. He continued to practice his exercises when he returned home particularly his fine finger movement by transferring Rice Krispies from one bowl to another. He also practiced writing using children's writing books.

He was able to return to his part time job working in a local supermarket but decided to retire when he reached 84.

He has noticed that he has become much more emotional since his stroke but his consultant explained that this sometimes happens after stroke which he found reassuring.


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