Interview 28

Age at interview: 63

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to a clot aged 62, which caused right weakness, spasms and speech problems. Medication' ramipril, diltiazem hydrochloride, prazosin hydrochloride, adalat (blood pressure), simvastatin (cholesterol), aspirin, dipyridamole (antiplatelet).

Background: Is a single man with no children and is a retired postman. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Audio & video

This man had a stroke at the age of 62 he is now 63. His stroke was due to a clot which stopped the flow of blood to the right hand side of his brain. His initial symptoms were a weakness in the left hand side of his face. This was noticed by the landlord of the pub where he was drinking, who called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

This man's main impairments have been weakness of the left leg and some spasms in the left leg. He has been able to walk again but has found it frustratingly slow as he used to walk many miles as a postman. He also experienced some problems with his speech due to the weakness of his facial muscles. He had some help in the hospital but felt that the therapists were not very understanding or patient with him.

He now takes medication to prevent another stroke ramipril, diltiazem hydrochloride, prazosin hydrochloride and adalat to control his blood pressure; simvastatin to reduce cholesterol and aspirin and dipyridamole to prevent another clot. He found remembering to take the medication difficult and had an incident where he took too much. A friend who lives downstairs now helps to remind him what tablets he needs to take by writing them down. He also hopes to get a special box to put his medication in so he is less likely to forget.

Since the stroke he has tried to change his lifestyle including cutting down on salt and reducing the amount of alcohol he drinks as he thinks this may have contributed to the stroke. 


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