Interview 24

Age at interview: 79

Brief outline: She had her stroke during a hip operation at the age of 78. The stroke caused right partial paralysis and some pain in the leg. Medication' aspirin (antiplatelet) panadol (pain).

Background: Is a married mother with 2 adult children. She is a retired hospital ancillary worker. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This woman had a stroke at the age of 78 she is now 79. Her stroke occurred during a hip replacement operation. Apart from arthritis in her hip she had previously been very healthy. The stroke mainly affected the right hand side of her body but she was told that the effects were bilateral. She now takes aspirin to prevent another clot forming.

Immediately after the stroke she was unable to walk and had some weakness in her left arm. Physiotherapy helped her get back to walking and she can now walk reasonably well with the aid of the stick. Her arm also recovered and although still weak she can write and do embroidery. She does, however, need some help with heavier household jobs.

Since leaving hospital she has set herself goals of walking with a friend in some local gardens. She has found this a great motivation and very rewarding. She felt very lucky to survive the stroke and tries to keep a positive outlook. Her friends and family have been a great support and she feels that she has no need to go to a stroke support group. 

She lives on an island of the coast of Scotland and going to the mainland is a long-term goal that she would like to achieve.


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