Interview 20

Age at interview: 68

Brief outline: This woman had a stroke due to a clot from her heart at the age of 67 which caused mild visual loss and temporary speech problems. Medication' amplodopine, atenolol (blood pressure), simvastatin (cholesterol), warfarin, (anticoagulation).

Background: Is a married mother and has 2 adult children. She works as a temporary legal secretary. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

Audio & video

This woman had her stroke at the age of 67 she was 68 at the time of the interview. She feels she had a relatively minor stroke. She initially thought she was having a migraine because she had experienced a pain above her eye, some visual disturbance and some minor problems speaking. When she went to the doctor she told her that it might be a stroke and asked her to attend the stroke clinic. The next morning she had a further event and was taken to hospital where she was unconscious for two days. She was able to leave hospital after 3 days and after a month felt that she was fully recovered and has suffered no long term impairments.

She had suffered a stroke due to a clot blocking the flow of blood to the brain. She had been a diabetic for many years and suffered from a condition known as atrial fibrillation, where the heart beats in an erratic fashion. It is likely that the stroke was caused by a clot that formed due to turbulent blood flow in the heart and was passed up to the brain. She now takes amplodopine and atenolol to control her blood pressure and drug called warfarin which thins her blood and prevents clotting. 

She was not able to drive for one year after the stroke because of the second stroke event. She is now back to driving and has continued to work as a temporary legal secretary.


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