Interview 18

Age at interview: 64

Brief outline: She had a stroke aged 59 which caused right weakness, pain, vision & memory loss. Medication' perindopril, amlodipine (blood pressure) pravastatin, Ezetimibe (cholesterol), aspirin and dipyridamole (antiplatelet), escitalopram (depression), carbamazepine (pain).

Background: Is a married mother of 6 adult children and a retired neuropsychology assistant. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

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At the age of 55 this woman had a visual test and they found a gap in her visual field, this is sometimes a warning that a stroke might occur in the future. She was told to take aspirin but felt that this was not emphasised enough and consequently she did not take it regularly. Fours years later she had a stroke. Initially she was sent home from hospital but was re-admitted and stayed in for 8 days. She now takes perindopril and amlodipine to control blood pressure, pravastatin and Ezetimibe to reduce cholesterol and aspirin and dipyridamole to prevent further clots.

Her main problem since the stroke has been weakness and loss of sensation in her left leg and arm. She has also had some problems with a painful frozen shoulder on the right and with central post stroke pain. A combination of the weakness and pain has made it difficult for her to walk. She can walk but uses a mobility scooter for long distances.

She has also experienced some loss of peripheral vision (left hemianopia). She finds she often bumps into things and knocks things over. She has noticed that she has difficulty reading particularly when she tries to sing because she misses the first word of the line. She has also experienced some problems with memory and sometimes finds it difficult to remember unfamiliar faces.

She has suffered from depression since the stroke partly because of the pain and partly because she feels that people are not very sympathetic about her condition.

She has not joined a support groups but find that support from other friends with long term conditions invaluable and recommends this to other people. Her husband is also very supportive and has taken on the domestic tasks that she can not manage.

She has had another stroke since the time of the interview.


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