Interview 17

Age at interview: 68

Brief outline: He had a stroke owing to a blocked left carotid artery aged 66 which caused aphasia and reading and writing problems. Medication' amlodipine, bendroflumethiazide (blood pressure), simvastatin (cholesterol), aspirin, dipyridamole (antiplatelet).

Background: Is a married father of 2 adult children and a retired industrial training manager. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

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This man had a stroke at the age of 66 he is now 68. The stroke was due to a block in his left carotid artery which carries blood to the left hand side of the brain. There was no definite cause identified and he was not suitable for the surgery which is sometimes used to remove blocks in the carotid artery. He now takes amlodipine and bendroflumethiazide to reduce his blood pressure, simvastatin to reduce cholesterol and aspirin and dipyridamole to prevent further blood clots forming.

He was driving and had a car accident at the time of the stroke, which he understands was quite an unusual. The experience was traumatic for his wife who was in the car and his son and family who were following them. Fortunately no one was badly injured.

His main impairments have been with speech, reading and writing. He had speech therapy in hospital and when he returned to his home town after the accident. He also used his own techniques to improve his speech including reciting nursery rhymes and bits of Shakespeare and playing a game with his grandson where they challenge each other to say long words. Although his speech is much better he still has difficulty finding words. He struggles to take part in the normal flow of conversation and finds reading to his grandchildren difficult. 

Shortly after the first stroke he had a problem with his vision where a clot lodged near the nerve to his left eye. He now has a V shaped patch in his vision. Initially this stopped him driving but after visual tests he was cleared for driving.

Since the stroke he has been an active member of a support group for people with aphasia (speech problems following stroke) and enjoys talking with people who have similar difficulties. 


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