Interview 16

Age at interview: 56

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to a clot at the age of 55 which stroke caused initial paralysis on his left side. Current medication' ramipril, bendroflemethiazide (blood pressure), lipitor (cholesterol), aspirin, dipyridamole (antiplatelet).

Background: Is a married father of 2 adult children and a retired civil servant. Ethnic background' White/Scottish.

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This man had his stroke at the age of 55 he is now 56. His stroke was due to a clot in the right side of his brain. A few years earlier he had a heart attack and he feels that the stroke was due to his continued unhealthy lifestyle including smoking, not taking up opportunities to have medical checks and forgetting to take his medication. He has changed his lifestyle and now regularly takes his ramipril and bendroflemethiazide for high blood pressure, lipitor to reduce cholesterol and aspirin and dipyridamole to prevent another clot forming.

The stroke initially caused paralysis in his left arm and leg. He was very motivated to get mobile again and with the help of physiotherapy in the hospital and the community rehab team he set himself walking goals. He can now walk with the aid of a stick and a strap to stop his foot dropping. He bought a mobility scooter which allows him to get further a field and was also able to get back to driving after going to a special assessment centre. His left arm function has not recovered and he feels that he should have concentrated on this more when he was in the hospital.

Before the stroke he had taken early retirement and looked after the house while his wife continued to work. His initial worries after the stroke where getting back to looking after the house and walking his dog. During his recovery he found it helpful to keep a diary of the small achievement that he made. He has been able to return to doing many of the things that he wants to do but misses things like DIY and gardening.

Since the stroke he feels he has become more emotional but recognises that this is all part of the stroke. His friends and family have been very supportive.


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