Interview 15

Age at interview: 60

Brief outline: He had his stroke due to a clot aged 54 which caused right sided paralysis and muscle spasms. Medication' amlodopine, perindopril (blood pressure), ezetimibe (cholesterol), aspirin (antiplatelet).

Background: Is a married father of 2 adult children and retired charity worker. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

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This man had his stroke at the age of 54 he is now 60. The stroke was due to a clot in the left of his brain caused by high blood pressure. He feels that his high fat diet, being overweight, lack of exercise and stress all contributed to the stroke and has since changed his lifestyle. He also takes amlodopine, perindopril to reduce blood pressure, ezetimibe to reduce cholesterol and aspirin to prevent another clot. He urges other people to get their blood pressure checked because it often has no symptoms. 

His stroke initially caused paralysis in his right leg and arm and some spasms. In hospital he was moved from a general ward to a specialist stroke unit where he had intensive rehabilitation which he felt was excellent. He can now walk, although uses a stick for long distances. He can also use his right hand, although it is still weak. 

He feels that his internal motivation to remain independent was invaluable to his recovery. He worked hard at the things the therapists wanted him to do even if they sometimes seemed pointless. 

He attended a stroke club run through the hospital which he found very helpful. He hopes that he can put something back through supporting other people who have had a stroke. 

At the time of the stroke he was working for a charity that transports people with disabilities. He returned to work after the stroke and was even able to return to driving the mini buses after being given the all clear from the doctor. He recently noticed increased tiredness which he attributes to the stroke and decided to take early retirement at 60. 


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