Interview 11

Age at interview: 41

Brief outline: She had a stroke caused by a clot at the age of 34. The stroke caused left-sided paralysis, left hemianopia (loss of vision in left field) and epilepsy. Medication' aspirin (antiplatelet), epilim, tegretol (epilepsy).

Background: Is a married mother of 1 who works as an admin assistant. Ethnic background' White/English.

Audio & video

This woman had her stroke at the age of 34 whilst on holiday in Africa. Although it has not been confirmed she wonders if her stroke could have been due to dehydration.

Her stroke was due to a clot in the right hand side of her brain and caused initial paralysis and numbness in her left arm and leg and loss of vision in her left visual field (hemianopia). She had some rehabilitation in Africa but on her return to the UK she discharged herself from hospital because they wanted her to go onto a ward with only older people and she just wanted to be home. She arranged her own physiotherapy including hydrotherapy, through the local surgery where she was working at the time, and eventually got back to walking. She now walks every day because she can no longer drive because of the loss of vision. She has found not being able to drive quite difficult because she feels she has lost her independence.

She returned to work after the stroke but was made redundant and now works part time. She is pleased that she can still work but frustrated that she can no longer achieve her full potential.

Her friends and family have been very supportive. A few years after the stroke her son developed some emotional problems which they think were mainly caused by worry about her health. They managed to get help from a psychologist to resolve these problems.


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