Interview 07

Age at interview: 52

Brief outline: He had a stroke/hemorrhage aged 47 which caused left paralysis, vision loss and epilepsy. Medication' bendroflemethiazide, celiprolol (blood pressure), atorvastatin (cholesterol), phenytoin, sodium valproate (epilepsy), paroxetine (depression).

Background: Is married with 2 adult children. He was a master plasterer but now medically retired. Ethnic background/nationality' White/Scottish.

Audio & video

This man had his stroke due to a haemorrhage (bleed) on the right hand side of his brain. He had an operation to repair an aneurysm in his brain and was in intensive care for nearly 10 weeks, which he has very little memory of.

The stroke caused paralysis of his leg and arm on the left hand side of his body and loss of vision on his left side. He was in a head injuries rehabilitation unit at the local hospital where he was helped with mobility and everyday tasks such as cooking. After coming home he had some further physiotherapy with the hope of getting him walking again but this has stopped and although he can stand he can not walk more than a few steps. He uses an electric wheel chair which has given him great independence to get out in the garden, garage and out locally.

He had some care at home because of his mobility problems and to cover the time that his wife was at work. This, however, recently stopped which he finds frustrating as his wife has had to give up work.

Before the stroke one of his hobbies was cars and go-kart racing. The stroke, vision loss and epilepsy have meant him giving up his license which he found very hard particularly as he had a specialised car that he had to sell. He has since put more time into keeping birds and the garden and has taken up carpet bowling through a local head injury support group.

His family have been very supportive especially his wife. His daughter kept a diary of his time in intensive care which he found very interesting and helpful. 


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