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Age at interview: 58

Brief outline: He had a stroke due to hemorrhage aged 57, which caused left paralysis, left neglect and some early problems with speech. Medication' atenolol, ramipril (blood pressure), levetiracetam (epilepsy), paroxetine (antidepressant), omeprazole, (gastric resistant tablets).

Background: Is married with two grown-up children. At the time of his stroke he was Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4 Television and is now a Visiting Professor at City University. Ethnic background/nationality' White/English.

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This man had a stroke due to haemorrhage in the right hand side of his brain at the age of 57 he is now 62. His stroke was due to high blood pressure which was not checked regularly before the stroke.  He now takes atenolol and ramipril to control blood pressure.

He was with a friend at the time and is very grateful that she acted quickly and phoned an ambulance. He was admitted to hospital where an emergency operation was performed to remove the blood from his brain. He woke up a few days later but remembers a considerable amount about the stroke.

His stroke caused paralysis of his left leg and arm. He had intensive physiotherapy in hospital and private physiotherapy on his return home. He is now able to walk short distances with a stick but still uses a wheelchair for longer distances. He feels that he is still seeing improvements 5 years after the stroke and thinks that he saw most improvement once he got home. He realises this is unusual as people usually see most improvement in the first few months. He still has very limited use of his arm but hopes that this might improve with time.

He has also experienced some problems with his vision on the left and in addition had a condition known as visual neglect that means that he was unaware of things on his left hand side.

Since the stroke he has developed epilepsy which was initially a problem but is now well controlled with medication.

He has been very motivated to recover and thinks it is important to keep setting and working towards goals and reflecting back on things that he has achieved. One of his major achievements was getting back into work after his stroke.


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