Parkinson's disease

Rex - Interview 04

Age at interview: 70
Age at diagnosis: 63

Brief outline: Rex was diagnosed six years ago. His main symptom now is tremor in his right hand and he is still active and mobile.

Background: Married, retired agriculturist.

Audio & video

Rex first noticed a tremor in his right hand and he went to his GP who referred him to a neurologist. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Rex felt that there was little information or help given. It was only when he sent off for booklets from the Parkinson’s Disease Society that he felt more informed.


Rex was working at the time that he was diagnosed, which involved travelling around the country. He tried several different drugs before he was put on Sinemet, which is now successful in controlling his symptoms and doesn’t make him feel drowsy or sleepy.


He finds it difficult to use his right hand to do things like shaving and writing. He has adapted the computer mouse to the left hand, which means he can still do most of what he needs to do on the computer.


The tremor in his hand has recently become worse and it now affects his ability to sleep through the night. At times, his right leg drags and he has to lift his leg and take big steps to overcome it.


He has been able to keep driving by having his car adapted to an automatic. He does sometimes feel depressed, but his wife helps him to get through those periods. He plans to keep active for as long as possible. He continues to do the gardening using his sit on mower and they go on regular holidays.


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