Parkinson's disease

Philip - Interview 36

Age at interview: 58
Age at diagnosis: 54

Brief outline: Since Philip was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 4 years ago he has always felt uncertain which of his symptoms were caused by this and which were due to the pain he gets from a severely arthritic hip.

Background: Farmer Married. 2 children.

Audio & video

Four years ago Philip became severely depressed while waiting for an operation on an arthritic hip. He was put on Prozac which was helpful. But around this time his GP remarked that the muscles of his face seemed rather rigid and suggested he might have Parkinson’s disease. An appointment was made for him to see a neurologist and by the time this arrived his symptoms had progressed so that he describes himself as ‘skating’ into the consulting room. The treatment which was started helped and he found that he soon no longer needed to take Prozac. He continues to be confused about the symptoms he has since he still has hip problems and is currently waiting for the second hip to be operated on. His balance is particularly bad when he is tired, hot or over excited and he has to crash into things to stop himself from falling over. On a good day he can walk around his farm, but he is no longer able to handle lively race horses and has become stuck getting onto a horse feeling as though his body has forgotten how to do it. He has occasionally left his medication behind and has found that being without it for a couple of days has not caused serious problems but suspects that after two week he would be in real trouble.


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