Parkinson's disease

Khadim - Interview 38


Brief outline: Khadim's Parkinsons disease was diagnosed in 2002. Although he was tried on many different treatments none of them helped. In January 2008 he was given Deep Brain Stimulation. This has been very successful.

Background: Machine setter, Married, 5 children.

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When Khadim first developed a tremor in one hand he had recently been made redundant and was therefore willing to accept his doctor’s suggestion that his symptoms were caused by nerves. However when two kinds of medication had failed to help he was referred to a neurologist. Here, though the Parkinson’s disease was diagnosed and he was put on anti-Parkinson’s medication there was still very little improvement. Over the next few years he became increasingly disabled until finally he was referred for Deep Brain Stimulation. Although he was warned of the possible risks from this operation, and he was worried- not so much about dying but about possible brain damage- he was eager to go ahead with the operation. He was given a date several months away. The operation took place in January 2008. The result has been almost complete disappearance of his symptoms. He still has some tremor which is controlled by Sinemet. If the dose of this is too high he experiences uncontrolled movements in his legs.


Khadim lives in an area with a quite large Pakistani community but has never come across anyone else with Parksinson’s disease. He has felt it necessary to say that he suffers from a disorder of his nerves as he feels people will not understand what is meant by Parkinson’s disease.


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