Parkinson's disease

Jean - Interview 33

Age at interview: 72
Age at diagnosis: 64

Brief outline: Jean had noticed jumping in one leg and general difficulty walking for at least two years before she was diagnosed with both Parkinsons Disease and ME, having at fist been told she had nothing wrong with her. To high doses of her medication resulted in her having hallucinations.

Background: Married, 1 child, Housewife.

Audio & video

Soon after having an operation on her knee, Jean began to notice that one leg tended to jump about, she would have to cross her legs to keep it still. She was also at this time finding it  increasingly difficult to keep going with her household tasks. She consulted one doctor who told her there was nothing wrong with her, but as things got more and more difficult her husband decided to get her a private neurological opinion, having been told it might be 9 months before she could get an NHS appointment. This was in 2000. Once she was started on anti-Parkinson’s medication there was an instant improvement. Over the 8 years since then she has had to increase her medication gradually. She had hallucinations from early in the treatment. During 2004 she had a time when they became frightening and distressing and was admitted to hospital where she was taken off all the medication. After this the medication was reduced and the hallucinations (with the help of Seroquel) reduced to a level where they were no longer frightening.


She feels at present that her symptoms are returning and expects that her medication will soon have to be changed or increased.


One of the things she notices when things are getting bad again is that she has difficulty putting on her brassiere and in drying her back with a towel.


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