Parkinson's disease

Bob - Interview 22

Age at interview: 55
Age at diagnosis: 51

Brief outline: Bob was 51 when he was diagnosed. He has tremor in his right hand and is slower at doing things. He continues to work full time.

Background: Married, 2 adult children, working full time as a technical author.

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Five years ago, Bob noticed a slight twitching in the little finger of his right hand and that he was feeling more tired and sleepy at work. At first the GP diagnosed familial tremor, but his tremor continued so he was referred to see the consultant at the local hospital. Bob was shocked when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but went about telling the people that needed to know. He carried on and coped as best as he could.


Last year when he was taking one of the drugs from the dopamine agonist group, Bob had a psychotic reaction to it. In the process of recovering from this, he realised that he hadn’t addressed all the feelings he had about being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His self confidence had been shattered and he felt that he wasn’t the same person anymore, and that people viewed him differently. He encourages others not to bottle up their feelings but to talk to others. To realise that although they have this diagnosis, they are still the same person, and importantly that people around them do not view them any differently now they have this condition.


After reacting so badly to the dopamine agonist, Bob now takes a new medication, which works well. He is limited in the type of medication he can take, so it wears off quite quickly. His main symptom is tremor in his right hand.


Bob works full time and believes a positive attitude is important. He finds different ways of doing the things he did before. He thinks it is important not to give up on hobbies but to find new ways of doing them. If he can’t do something one day, he will do it the next day. 


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