Parkinson's disease

Andrew - Interview 25

Age at interview: 74
Age at diagnosis: 55

Brief outline: Andrew was diagnosed with PD 19 years ago. He has had the Deep Brain Stimulation operation twice. His symptoms are moderately well controlled.

Background: Widower, 2 adult children. Lives alone.

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In 1990, Andrew’s son noticed a tremor in his right hand. After seeing a consultant at the local hospital on several occasions, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  


Over the years, the tremor became very severe and Andrew was also having panic attacks and couldn’t concentrate on anything. So he was put forward for deep brain stimulation. After the operation, his tremor completely stopped. He feels it was worth going through the operation and he thoroughly recommends it.


About a year after Andrew had deep brain stimulation, the left side of his body started to tremor. So he had a second deep brain stimulation operation. Again that was very successful, although he now has hallucinations.


Several years after his operations, Andrew was having difficulty walking and talking so he was prescribed Cabergoline which he’s been taking for seven years. Cabergoline has greatly helped his symptoms. Now he can walk short distances. He uses his buggy for longer distances. He feels stiff at times and has difficulty getting out of chairs. He has some episodes of freezing and has had several falls. But there are now no longer any fluctuations in his symptoms like there had been before and if he forgets to take his medication on time, he doesn’t notice a significant difference.


He also takes Selegine and Madopar and experiences some side effects, such as a dry mouth.


Andrew wears a badge which says “I have Parkinson’s Disease.” He thinks it is important not to hide the fact that he has Parkinson’s Disease. He advises others to join their local Parkinson’s disease group where they can get a lot of information to help them.


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