Tony - Interview 20

Age at interview: 33

Brief outline: Tony and his partner recently took part in a biobanking study, which involved donating samples of urine and blood for future use.

Background: Tony is a lecturer in art and design. He has a partner (BIO21) and they have two children aged 16 & 13. His ethnic background is Anglo-Irish.

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Tony and his partner recently took part in a biobanking study, which involved donating samples of urine and blood. His partner works as a research nurse and this is how Tony was introduced to the project. During the research health measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels were recorded from each participant. These recordings were used to compile a database of health measurements which others may be compared to. Blood and urine samples were also taken and analysed during the research.

Tony describes how his motivations for taking part in the research were a combination of both selfish and altruistic ones. Tony is keen on endurance exercise, particularly cycling and he explains how with this comes a curiosity in fitness measurements. His interest was furthered because he was previously diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat). He explains how participating in the project provided an opportunity to have a free medical consultation so as to keep track of his health and inform him of his fitness levels. More altruistically Tony was motivated to take part in the project as a way to help with medical research which he believes is a valuable cause. 
After participating in this project Tony would be willing to take part in similar research in the future. He advises others to do so because he found the whole process very interesting. However Tony recognises that not all medical research is of the same value and explains that he would always consider the purpose before agreeing to participate. Tony believes it is important that the data he provides is used appropriately and responsibly and so would not participate in any medical research without looking into it first. He would be very interested to find out the overall findings of the project he participated in and not just his own personal results. He describes how this would fulfil his altruistic motivations as he could see the difference that he has contributed towards. Tony feels researchers should perhaps provide more information about aims and findings as this would be of interest to participants and may also act as a way to encourage people to take part.


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