Giving up smoking


Age at interview: 39

Brief outline: In 2009, Anthony decided to explore alternatives to smoking. He smoked about twenty per day and was concerned about his health when he developed a persistent night cough. He has mild asthma. He uses e-cigarettes with pre-filled cartridges. He has reduced the amount of nicotine, but estimates that he vapes the equivalent of twenty cigarettes per day.

Background: Anthony is single and works full-time as a Systems Developer. Ethnic background: Irish.

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Anthony describes himself as a heavy smoker, smoking more than twenty per day. He became concerned about his health when he developed a persistent night cough that was not improving. And about five years ago, he went online to explore alternatives to smoking cigarettes. On the web, he found a company that sells e-cigarettes with pre-filled cartridges. He has used those ever since and two years ago, reduced the nicotine strength to 1.2%, but has always used the tobacco flavour.
Anthony didn’t have any problem swapping to e-cigarettes. At first, he smoked the odd cigarette at home, but at work or in public places, like the pub, he has always used his vapour. He is now cigarette free, but does not describe himself as a non-smoker. He said he has replaced cigarettes with an alternative which is better and healthier. He estimates he vapes the equivalent of twenty cigarettes per day.
Financially, switching to vapour has not made much difference. The pre-filled cartridges he uses are one of the most expensive on the market, but he doesn’t mind the expense as his main reason is his health. He tried e-cigarettes that need to be filled with liquid flavours, but he found them to not be as good and the tobacco flavour was bland. He likes his pre-filled cigarettes because, although he is not smoking, the effect is very similar in terms of taste and look.
Health wise, Anthony feels better and he no longer coughs at night, but he still feels a slight tightness in his chest. He was diagnosed with asthma in childhood, but it is mild and has not caused much problem. He uses Ventolin once a day, but when he smoked, he had to use it two or three times.
He feels lucky that he found a brand of e-cigarette that has worked for him and has helped him replace cigarettes completely.


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