Bereavement due to traumatic death

Killed by a bomb

In 2005 52 people died in the London bombings, but such deaths are very rare in the UK. However, in other countries bomb explosions in war or terrorist attacks cause many deaths.

Rachel’s son, Dave, served in the Parachute Regiment (Paras) before he joined a security company. In 2006 while working in Iraq he was killed by a bomb.

Rosemary’s son, James, was killed in the 7th July bomb explosion in London in 2005. He was on an underground train at the time and he was not identified for about a week.
We talked to a few people who were bereaved through the terrorist bomb explosions which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002. Twenty eight of the 202 people who died were British. They had all been in Bali on a rugby tour. Susanna's brother Dan was killed instantly, but was not identified until three weeks later.
Matthew’s brother Timothy was also killed in Bali. He also died instantly. He was missing for about two weeks before he was identified. Matthew and his parents went to Bali to look for Timothy. His employer, a bank based in Singapore, also mobilised a team of rescuers because several of their employees had been directly involved in the explosions.
Jocelyn’s son, Ed, was also killed in Bali by the bomb explosion. He was identified using DNA and then his body was flown back to Ireland. Jocelyn first read about the bombing in the newspaper, and had a terrible sense of foreboding, because he knew Ed was in Bali at the time.

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