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Simone - Interview 4

Age at interview: 44

Brief outline: Simone was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in January 2006. She had two lumpectomies followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy because the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. She is now on Zoladex injections and tamoxifen.

Background: Simone is a statistician, married and has two children. Ethnic background/nationality: White

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 Simone and her husband have two daughters aged 12 and 15. In January 2006 Simone discovered a lump in her breast and went privately to have it examined. It was diagnosed as oestrogen positive cancer after a delay and Simone had two lumpectomies to remove the tumour and DCIS. After the second wound had healed, Simone began two regimes of chemotherapy for several months. The chemo caused Simone to feel very unwell and sick but she did not find losing her hair a big issue.

Simone is very pleased with the private healthcare she has received and has found the support of a breast cancer nurse very valuable throughout her treatment. She is now on monthly Zoladex injections to stop her ovulating and Tamoxifen. She is considering having her ovaries removed when she has finished the two years of injections.
Simone is a statistician and does not bother too much with the survival rate figures for breast cancer because there have been considerable medical developments in the past twenty years. She does worry about the cancer returning but tries not to think about this.
The experience has had a positive side to it; Simone appreciates how much support her friends have given her and, for 18 months, managed not to get too stressed by small things. She has a strong Jewish identity and had an Orthodox upbringing. She keeps a kosher home and the family observe the main festivals. They are members of a Reform Synagogue which Simone feels fits in well with her beliefs.


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