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Rosalynde - Interview 14

Age at interview: 70

Brief outline: Rosalynde was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a few months ago and has recently been put on steroids after her initial medication, Pentas salicylatem, was not effective. Rosalynde feels that the extreme tiredness she experiences is the worst aspect of her condition.

Background: Rosalynde is a retired medical representative. She is married and has grown up children. Ethnic background/nationality: Jewish

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Rosalynde, 70, started to lose weight in November 2008 and gradually felt worse until March 2009 when she was hospitalised and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She was sent home on medication – Pentas salicylatem – but was unable to have a colonoscopy at that point because of severe inflammation. A partial colonoscopy was conducted later which confirmed the diagnosis. Rosalynde has recently been put on steroids because the medication has had little effect. She is also on Azothiapfrinet and hopes to come off steroids soon.

The dietician Rosalynde was referred to was not helpful and she is now seeing an alternative therapist who has supported her with dietary changes, such as removing wheat, dairy, potatoes, raw vegetables, salad and some fruit from her diet. For Rosalynde, the worst aspect of the condition is the extreme tiredness she experiences which is partly related to erratic bowel movements. Her everyday life has changed at the moment because of the dietary constraints and her lack of energy, although she is hoping that the Crohn’s will be a single episode that she recovers from.  


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