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JP - Interview 23

Age at interview: 45

Brief outline: JP was diagnosed with Crohn's disease aged 21. He had an ilium septum then experienced fifteen years of bowel discomfort before the medication Questran light relieved the symptoms. JP feels Crohn's is linked to anxiety.

Background: JP works in property, he is married with one daughter. Ethnic background/nationality: Jewish

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JP was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after a year of experiencing discomfort in his late teens. He suspected he had Crohn’s because his sister had the condition. He had an ilium septum and then spent the following fifteen years experiencing discomfort as an outcome of a “stomach full of holes”. JP’s strategy at this point was to ‘party hard’ because he felt his health had been taken away from him.
He tried a device called a kosmed box which works on the same principle as acupuncture but unfortunately this caused him to develop an abscess which he had for a few years. He went back to the doctor who prescribed Questran light, a similar treatment to one JP had tried, unsuccessfully, years before. This time the medication was effective and for the past ten years, he has experienced what he calls normal health with only the occasional flare up of discomfort when he is under extreme stress.

JP thinks there is a strong correlation between Crohn’s and anxiety and he is not surprised that the condition is prevalent among Jewish people. He has not felt the need to become involved in support groups because he does not feel he has really experienced Crohn’s since his operation. His approach has been to get on with life as much as possible, despite the debilitating effects of the condition. 


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