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Jill - Interview 20

Age at interview: 83

Brief outline: Jill was diagnosed with glaucoma in her 60s and has since had her cataracts removed and trabeculectomies performed on both eyes. Four to five months after an Ahmed tube was inserted she experienced complications and had an emergency operation to remove the tube.

Background: Jill is married and has got four grown up children. Jill volunteers for local and national organisations. Ethnic background/nationality: White

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Jill developed problems with her vision in her sixties and was diagnosed with glaucoma. She had a trabeculectomy in her left eye and a cataract removed under general anaesthetic. A few years later she had a cataract removed from her right eye with local anaesthetic. In 2006, Jill had an occlusion in her left eye and was put on Acetazolamide to bring the pressure down. She relied on her right eye but the consultant at the hospital decided to put in an Ahmed tube. This turned out to have complications and after about 4 or 5 months an emergency operation was performed to remove the tube. Again it took about 9 weeks for her vision to return properly, after which a third operation was performed when a trabulectomy was carried out on her right eye. Since June 2009, her vision has been better in her right eye and she is able to read books although newspapers are more difficult and a magnifying glass has to be used.

Jill feels she has adapted well to her reduced sight. Her husband is a great support and she has magnifying glasses dotted around her house. She has, however, spent a lot of time travelling some distance to eye appointments, waiting in waiting rooms and having operations postponed, all of which have been wearing. She now sits as a patient representative on two committees to feed back her views 


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