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Aaron and Rebecca - Interview 12

Age at interview: 34

Brief outline: Aaron and Rebecca found out they were carriers for cystic fibrosis when Rebecca was pregnant and a scan showed a bowel blockage. Their daughter is five and apart from surgery following birth, a bronchoscopy and course of IV antibiotics, has been in good health.

Background: Aaron and Rebecca are married with one child aged 5. Ethnic background/nationality: Jewish.

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 Aaron and Rebecca found out they both carry the cystic fibrosis (CF) gene five years ago when Rebecca was pregnant. At around 30 weeks, they were told that the baby almost certainly had CF and were given reassuring information about what they would be dealing with and what they would have to do. Their daughter was born by caesarean section and transferred within hours to another hospital for an operation to clear her bowel. The operation was successful and since then, she has only been hospitalised on two occasions.

Their daughter has physiotherapy daily for twenty minutes, a prophylactic dose of antibiotics twice a day and a nebuliser for a few minutes. She manages this and her regular hospital appointments and monitoring very well. She has had a regular lung function test from three months and had a bronchoscopy at two years, which revealed mucus in one lung which has been removed.
The couple describe their daughter’s medical care as excellent and feel very well supported by their team of health professionals. Their religious requirements have also been met effectively. The hospital provides accommodation for the couple during Sabbath if necessary and there is a Sabbath room run by a Jewish charity. The Rabbi has answered their questions about various aspects of their daughter’s care and their community has also been very supportive.


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