Diabetes Type 2

Wasim - Interview 22

Age at interview: 29
Age at diagnosis: 28

Brief outline: Diagnosed a year ago after emergency admission to hospital. Wasim is on insulin (NovoRapid during the day and Lantus at night).

Background: Wasim works in financial services and is married with 1 son and 2 step-daughters. Ethnic background/Nationality: British Asian.

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Wasim's diabetes was diagnosed in October 2006. He was fasting during Ramadan and had decided to start his fast days with high energy drinks instead of a proper meal. He went into a deep sleep and was saved by a friend who recognised that Wasim was extremely unwell and took him to hospital. His blood glucose levels were extremely high and he was told he should have been in a coma. He was put on insulin immediately and now takes short-acting NovoRapid during the day and longer-acting Lantus at night. He feels he is managing well and that he has 'taken ownership' of his diabetes.

Wasim has a very sweet-tooth and loves fizzy drinks, cordials (fruit squash), chocolate, asian desserts and sweets, but he knows he can only have these things in moderation and on what he calls 'cheat' days. He has found dieting and losing weight quite difficult, and knows that his dislike of sport and exercise makes it more difficult for him to lose weight. Since his diagnosis he has tried to walk more and if the weather is good he generally gets off the bus early to have a longer walk to and from his office.

He receives all his diabetes care through the hospital and he hardly ever sees his GP. Wasim is under the impression that his GP practice has no specialist clinic for patients with diabetes and certainly no specialist diabetes nurse. So far, Wasim is satisfied with the care and advice he receives from his consultant and the nurses at his local hospital, but would like stronger links between his GP and the hospital. He gets most of his information from the hospital, and has also searched the web using general search terms like 'diabetes' and 'insulin' rather than looking for specific websites dedicated to diabetes.

Wasim's family is very important to him and he wants to continue to manage his diabetes properly so that he can look after his son as he grows up. Wasim hopes that if he continues to get his blood glucose levels down and maintains good control he may be able to take oral medication one day rather than insulin.


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